Revisionism already

This story about the Pakistani government’s announcement that Benazhir Bhutto died because she hit her head on the sunroof just stuns me. I suppose you might fracture your skull and die thereof… especially when you’re falling because of a bomb blast and three bullet wounds to the neck. Next thing you know, the Security Forces will say that they were actually firing three warning shots… into her head… when she “fell” onto the sunroof. Clearly, she had it coming. I suppose they’ll say anything to keep her from retaining the martyr status she’s already been accorded by her followers. I doubt that Bhutto would have brought about real change– it’s likely there’d have been more of the same corruption that led to her ouster, twice– but clearly the opposition, or government, or whomever’s responsible, saw their own position as so precarious to warrant assassinating the first viable contender. We descended from the forests and the trees millions of years ago, but our learning to walk upright hasn’t taught us to behave upright.


8 thoughts on “Revisionism already

  1. Dennis

    They weren’t bullets silly! She was hit by several small metiorites. The nearby explosion was simply a piece of equipment malfunctioning. These things happen all the time.

  2. Linda

    Oddly enough, we just watched Jesus Christ Superstar a couple of days ago. There is a song sung by Judas and – forgive my wording – but it asks, why did God pick such a strange time and place to send his son? Looks to me like we’ve had lots of teachers and enlightened ones in that little corner of the world – doesn’t matter what age they’re born into, they all end up as martyrs. Sad.

  3. Al

    I was amazed as well as appalled when I heard this story. Who are they trying to kid here? This sort of thing just inflames the violence the government is trying to stem. Plus, it’s not like change is ever good…


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