Toffee trials and tribulations

You know your toffee is overcooked when it’s darker than the dark chocolate melted on top.

My poor pot. The Better Half did get it off, eventually, with much elbow grease and Brillo.

Meredith’s recipe, however, was a breeze to make, and so beautiful.


7 thoughts on “Toffee trials and tribulations

  1. Poet with a Day Job

    It’s Cajun blackened toffee.I’ll email you the parsnip cassy. super easy and delicious hot out of the oven. Perfect side dish for roasted meats.

  2. Anali

    Yum! I’ve never made toffee, but that looks good. I’m making Christmas cookie dough to bake over the next few days. I just made Butter and Ribbon. Now for the Pinwheel. Then I think I’ll be out of flour and I’ll have to dig my car out before I can get some more.

  3. Camellia

    That toffee looks wonderful. Thanks for the recipe; I think we’ll try it this week-end. And I am relieved about the pot.

  4. Deidre

    And that’s why I love the Le Creuset, it takes a serious beating. Don’t worry my toffee had a similar problem, the butter kept separating out so I threw in the peanuts and then more sugar and decided to keep cooking it. The peanuts ended up burned in places but it hardened and as long as someone eats it I don’t care.No I’m contemplating the folly of attempting a croquembouche… this is what happens when you leave a crazy girl alone during the holidays.


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