Funny how the postal carrier can’t be bothered to deliver boxes of checks, prescription medication, or even put the catalogues and magazines in through the mail slot, but s/he can take the time to write notes regarding his/her dissatisfaction with the way our sidewalk is shoveled.


7 thoughts on “Grr

  1. Jen M.

    Oh my gosh I was just reading another post where the writer was lamenting the total disregard for the postman’s creed (neither snow nor sleet….)because her walk was too icy.Pansies.

  2. Mrs. G.

    I suggest you tell your postal worker that if your meds aren’t delivered, your impending moodswings could result in him losing a leg. I’m thinking this might speed things up.

  3. Janet

    hmmm…I got bitched at by mine yesterday, too. The door was iced shut and she didn’t want to watch up the driveway cause it’s treacherous (her word).


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