Maybe I’ll feel differently in the morning…

but I think that anyone who doesn’t understand the principle of reverse, then down shift to pull forward when stuck in snow ought to be instantly vaporized. None of this spinning one’s wheels and sliding all over shite, thank you. I just got home from my mother-in-law’s house after dropping her off from lunch. At 1:30. Three and a half miles from here. It’s now 6:33. Vaporized, I tell you.


5 thoughts on “Maybe I’ll feel differently in the morning…

  1. adena

    he finally got home just before 9 pm. I think he was on the road (128)for 5 hours. I’ve heard of people being on the road for 6 or 7. What is going on?????

  2. Emily

    Wow. That’s awful. I didn’t know there were people who couldn’t think of the reverse-downshift trick, even if they weren’t taught to do it in drivers’ ed.

  3. Grandy

    I’m afraid I might be vaporized. It doesn’t snow very often at my house, so I don’t get much practice. Although I’ve only been stuck once, I’m still quite anxious.

  4. BipolarLawyerCook

    Oh, Grandy, I wouldn’t expect folks in non-snowy parts of the country to comply– but New England natives? That’s another story.


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