Some accomplishments

The BH and I took the T to the mechanic’s, picked up the car with the newly-replaced window, and drove up to the FedEx depot near the BH’s work to pick up a package that ended up being a surprise present from my wonderful assistant. Dropped the BH off at his office to do some work, went toward home. I broke my chain supermarket resolution because I was feeling super woozy on day 4 of 900 mg Lithium XR, got the shopping done, got some Christmas lights at the local hardware store, finished the rest of the grocery shopping at the local co-op, and came home. After getting the refrigeratables into the fridge and freezer, my spinning head and I promptly fell into bed for a two hour nap. When I got up, I decorated our teeny tree and my hurricane glasses. I have almost figured out how to keep my liquid intake up enough to keep up with Lithium Thirst– but then the doctor ups my dose again, and my poor bladder enters another round of stretching.

The floor dusting and mopping is just going to have to wait. As will the baking, and the candy making. Which can’t happen until the floors are clean. I don’t know why– I just know they can’t.


10 thoughts on “Some accomplishments

  1. standing still

    Okay, here’s where I draw the line. Sweep the floor, definitely. That way while you pad around in your Christmas slippers while baking, you won’t feel grit under your toes. But, then do the 2nd sweeping and mopping after the baking. K? Good, glad we got that sorted out. lol.

  2. Irish Goddess

    I understand. I can’t cook or bake unless the dishwasher is empty. Makes no sense – but I just CAN’T do it until the dishes are put away.

  3. lysa @

    Good god, girl, take another nap! Lithium wooziness is nothing to fool around with — I’m battling missed-my-midday-dose-of-Geodon-wooziness myself. NOT fun.

  4. nyjlm

    sorry you are continuing to feel so off kilter on the lithium.You’ll have to show us the Dec hurricane look! And yes, do talk candy.

  5. Anali

    I had the same feeling about cleaning and cooking too. I had to clean all my floors and the stove before I started any big baking or cooking projects. I had already cleaned my fridge. It just feels better now to be in the kitchen.


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