I’ve never

Driven a racecar.
Gone skydiving.
Been to the Carribean.
Eaten blowfish.
Shot a gun.
Broken up with someone– always been the broken-upee.
Drunk a whole bottle of wine by myself in one sitting.
Completed a cartwheel.
Been able to whistle.
Published a poem.
Owned a dog.
Had sex in a public place.
Had a proper bra fitting.
Gone scuba diving or snorkeling.
Taken any drug more serious than weed.
Snuck out at night to see someone I wasn’t supposed to be seeing.
Had a one night stand.
Worn mismatched socks in public.
Been to Alaska, New Zealand, Africa, Holland, Italy, or a thousand other places I’d like to go.
Seen an animal being slaughtered, aside from chickens.


13 thoughts on “I’ve never

  1. Mrs. G.

    Of all the things you haven’t done, I think the proper bra fitting has the greatest potential to change your life.

  2. Melanie

    Mrs. G. beat me to it. Absolutely. Although, if you’re like me, you might want to drink a whole bottle of wine first, then go to the store. Come to think of it, the bra fitting might count as “sex in a public place” and “a one-night stand.”If you do go, hope for an elderly woman named Hazel or Margie. They’re all business, and they’ve seen ’em all.

  3. Janet

    since the witty people beat me here, I’ll just let you know, on your list, what I’ve never done either:Driven a racecar.Gone skydiving.Had a proper bra fitting.Gone scuba diving Been to Alaska, New Zealand, Africa, Holland, Italy.

  4. alejna

    I would like to take this moment to proclaim that I have had a proper bra fitting. And that I have worn mismatched socks in public. I was maybe 8 years old. (When I wore the mismatched socks. Not for the bra fitting. I believe I was 33 for that.) I even have a pictue of it. (Again, the socks, not the bra.) I must find it and scan it.I read this list, and wondered: how many of these things have you wanted to do? (I love the list, by the way. I’ve also been pondering the have/have not done lists lately.)

  5. Jen

    I’ve never been able to do a cartwheel either. I’ve heard that it is genetic, like being able to roll your tongue, but am unable to verify this.

  6. Poet with a Day Job

    nice list! You can call it your “bucket list” then go see that awful new movie with Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman.Or not, and add “I never saw “Bucket List” to your list.

  7. jess

    i’ve been to alaska, but not the other places you mention.i’ve drank a whole bottle wine. then i threw it all up….in my kitchen sink no less. i’ve shot a gun…several in fact. (hey, i’m from a rural area)i have two dogs right now. you should get a shih tzu!

  8. Emily

    This amuses me because I only wear mismatched socks. Ever. If they match, it’s my error. You should try it sometime! I like it when my feet have different personalities.

  9. glitterbug

    I’ve done a LOT of the things on your list. Hmph. The thing I’m most proud of is completing the cartwheel — I did gymnastics for fourteen years, competitively for seven.Oh, and my link is http://blog.knit-n-spin.com'Cause I screwed up and made my Blogger profile private (d’oh!).


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