Your loss, my loss

Dear person who broke the back window of my car, and stole my $80.00 trial case:

Nope, no laptop computer, sorry. Just a Lawyer’s Diary and a collection of hodge podge I decided I didn’t need cluttering my office, including my favorite leather folio. I hope they caught you when you were ditching the contents in frustration. It’ll make up for having to replace the window, the trial bag, and the folio.


15 thoughts on “Your loss, my loss

  1. Who She She

    Oh, that sucks.I had someone break into my car when I was in my son’s daycare picking him up. They made off with a bag containing a dirty thermos and my sweaty gym clothes.

  2. Dennis

    That’s a bummer – just the headache of having to deal with that amidst the holidays. So sorry. Poet with a day job can empathize with you. She had that happen to her very recently, except she lost stuff she loved and didn’t understand what a deductible was.

  3. Melanie

    I hate stealing. I pisses me off so much, and for exactly the reasons you stated.Someone once thieved my piece-of-crap work laptop in an airport, while I was en route to a seminar, where I was presenting with content on said piece-of-crap laptop. Awesome.

  4. Poet with a Day Job

    Crap. You too! We should start a club. Sorry about your window, and the briefcase, regardless what’s in it. As the window fixers says to me “the creeps should stay our of your car!”


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