Weekly RealMental post

This week’s RealMental post is up. (I regularly post on Mondays).


3 thoughts on “Weekly RealMental post

  1. Dennis

    Appropos of nothing, my brother suffers from bipolar disorder. He’s completely disabled. HOWEVER . . . he’s also nuts. He grew up in the same crazy-making environment as me, but he blames everything on his BPD. I think you can be both and he definitely is. The worst part is he doesn’t agree and thinks everything is an offshoot of his BPD which just makes it utterly impossible to deal with him. Whew. There I feel better now. Thanks.

  2. Professor J

    Thanks for this post. You remind me that I’m not just crazy–I’m crazy. I am currently working hard to screw up a good relationship, which is of course the last thing I want to do.


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