Wake up

I’ve been feeling sleepy all morning, but the tang of my freshly peeled tangerine just woke me up. The only thing better-smelling than fresh citrus zest is fresh rosemary– if someone could find a way to add a little vanilla to the mix and bottle it as a perfume, I’d buy stock.


11 thoughts on “Wake up

  1. d. chedwick bryant

    The only scent I can think of is discontinued –A summer version of YSL’s Cinema. Cologne Blanche by Dior is a sharp pleasant blend of rosemary and citrus–the base is almondy vanilla.Try sampling O Oui by LancomeMy favorite wake up scents are mens–Imperiale by Guerlain– herbs and fresh bright orangeThe Dreamer by Versace– wake up to a fizzy gin and tonic with a big spring of tarragon–it relaxes into a dreamy vanilla base.

  2. Fotofig

    I am SO with you on the rosemary. One of the best smells ever. Whenever I cook with it I spend half the time smelling it.


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