Conversational tidbits

(Me singing to my sushi at dinner…)
BH: What are you singing?
BLC: The Violent Femmes.
BH: That’s good. Even you have a better voice than he does.


BH: There’s nothing as filling as hot cocoa.
BLC: Chunky Monkey.
BH: Well, that’s like hot cocoa, except it’s, well, cold.


Coworker: What did [BH] give you for your anniversary?
BLC: Clean dishes.


(After finding out I offered the half of the pulled pork sandwich I brought home to a coworker we refer to as “the family dog.”)
BH: I can’t believe you offered your oink to another man.


(As I kissed him while he was still lying in bed, and I was off to my 7 am shrink’s appointment.)
BLC: I don’t expect you’ll be here when I get back, so have a good day…
BH: No, I’ll be on my right side, not my left.


9 thoughts on “Conversational tidbits

  1. Mrs. G.

    Clearly humor is alive and well at your house. That’s a good thing. It makes those 7am shrink visits much more bearable.

  2. BipolarLawyerCook

    Dennis, thanks!Mrs. G., humor and some Bruegger’s Bagels immediately afterward!Maddy, it’s not so hard when you’ve got insomnia anyway. : ) Sarene, it is indeed. He keeps me going.Magpie, he was! He is a champion sleeper/lounger/loafer.Jess, there are puh-lenty of dull moments. “I thought you bought toilet paper” is often one of them.Marci, Kiss Off!


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