Things I have done

Alejna at Collecting Tokens posted a meme called Have you Ever? where you bold the things you’ve already done in a pre-selected list. It’s interesting, and it got me thinking about things I have done that are not on the list that I have done. So here’s a random assortment. I think I will make a list of things I haven’t done later this week.

  1. Cleaned up after elephants.
  2. Ran away with the circus.
  3. Smoked pot.
  4. Been valedictorian.
  5. Climbed a tree.
  6. Played a sport all through high school.
  7. Acted in a play.
  8. Made a game-winning basket.
  9. Seen Def Lepard in concert. Twice.
  10. Been to sleep-away camp. Twice.
  11. Been to Paris. Twice.
  12. Stalked someone.
  13. Broken someone’s heart, but not on purpose.
  14. Tried to knit.
  15. Tried to crochet.
  16. Tried to tat.
  17. Pierced my nose.
  18. Dyed my hair acid green. And cobalt blue. Not all at once.
  19. Taken horseback riding lessons.
  20. Ridden my bike more than 20 miles at a time.
  21. Shoplifted, twice, in my teens.
  22. Had surgery.
  23. Broken bones.
  24. Broken my nose.
  25. Won a high school academic challenge cup match based on knowledge from “those stupid fantasy books” my coach teased me about reading. The winning answer? Greaves.
  26. Killed and dressed a chicken.
  27. Milked a cow.
  28. Milked a goat.
  29. Gotten pecked by a chicken while gathering eggs.
  30. Been so drunk I didn’t make it home before I barfed.
  31. Made out with a random stranger during a train ride out to visit a boyfriend.
  32. Had an eating disorder.
  33. Wished someone was dead, and meant it.
  34. Slapped a friend during an argument.
  35. Been in a fistfight.
  36. Watched meteor showers all night long after Hurricane Bob.
  37. Bought my boyfriends flowers.
  38. Asked someone out first.
  39. Walked out of an offensive interview, then reported it.
  40. Wished upon the first evening star– nightly.
  41. Had prescient dreams.
  42. Held my beloved kitty, Midnight, as he died in my lap.
  43. Seen a tornado.
  44. Put up jam.
  45. Gone to the beach during a hurricane, to watch the waves crash.
  46. Left work early to watch the sun set.
  47. Cried myself to sleep.
  48. Built furniture, complete with finishing the wood, from a kit.
  49. Refinished wood.
  50. Wallpapered.
  51. Painted walls.
  52. Lied about being available when a client called.
  53. Lied about being available when a friend called.
  54. Lied about being sick, when I really just didn’t want to go out.
  55. Gone car-camping.
  56. Climbed mountains.
  57. Tried snowboarding.
  58. Been for a walk in the desert.
  59. Been for a horseback ride in the desert.
  60. Read all the greek tragedies.
  61. Read all of Emily Dickinson’s poetry.
  62. Sent an author a thank you note.
  63. Written a letter in the last 7 days.
  64. Told someone to fuck off, and meant it.
  65. Been fired from a job because they didn’t believe I had full-body poison ivy.
  66. Upended a board game when I was losing.
  67. Cheated at cards.
  68. Made a meal to impress someone.
  69. Read Dante.
  70. Given up on a classic book and then not been afraid to say I hated it.
  71. Walked out on a movie.
  72. Worn something once, then returned it. (Only once.)
  73. Gone to the movies by myself.
  74. Gone out to eat by myself.

If you want to do this, please include some bad things along with the good. Feel free to let me know, and I will post a follow up with links.


12 thoughts on “Things I have done

  1. Mrs. G.

    I have always wanted to up-end a board game…this might make it to my list of New Year’s resolutions. I think it would be incredibly liberating.

  2. bipolarbear

    The circus thing has me all freaked out. What did you do about the scary clowns? Or is that just my fear? I’m going to do a list, myself.

  3. alejna

    I love your take on this meme. Your list is quite interesting. Elephants and the circus, huh? That sounds like a colorful story. (Actually, so do the slapping and board game incidents.)I think I share about 14 of your items. (I counted, but now I’m not sure I remember right.) I am tempted to make up an additional list. (Which does not include elephants.)alejnacollecting tokens

  4. Sarene

    What a fabulous list! I think I’ve done about 27 of these things. Love the circus one…wish I could say I did. Trapeze artist was the very first thing I wanted to be when I grew up.

  5. jess

    i hope this isn’t a duplicate comment. i love your list..and you and i need to talk about the elephants. LOL.i’ve totally told someone to fuck off and i totally meant it. i’ve also done all the things you mentioned that include lying.


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