If I am just adding stuff to my Amazon wish list, it’s consumerism.
If I am adding stuff to my Etsy favorites, it’s Supporting The Arts.


11 thoughts on “Rationalization

  1. nyjlm

    here’s another, which I used yesterday: burying the pain in alcohol is self-medicating.shopping away the pain is being American.

  2. Who She She

    Grassroots, guerilla consumerism. I’m going to try to do most of my holiday shopping from Etsy and local folks here in Vermont.

  3. BipolarLawyerCook

    JenB, consumerism is not bad. Especially when you’re scoring awesome bargains like those red sparkly shoes you got for Char on EBay! I am just an f-ed up hippie. As NYJLM rightly said, shopping is not only therapeutic, but also patriotic. : p

  4. poet with a day job

    this gave me just the laugh I needed this morning…good luck eating that side of cured pig! I have faith you can do it!


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