Oh ye of little faith

The Better Half doesn’t think I am capable of eating this before it goes bad, and therefore states that my wish that someone would give it to me is wasted. Clearly, the last seven years have been a sham, an empty void. Not eat an entire Jamon Serrano? Doesn’t he know I can eat a pound of deli ham in an hour? I say 4, 5 days max. Shorter if y’all want to come over and bring some cava. I’ll lay out the token vegetables, and lots and lots of red wine.


10 thoughts on “Oh ye of little faith

  1. d. chedwick bryant

    i like fishies and can eat many many little fishies.when I was a kitten and was taken out to dine, I would get so excited if a “Fisherman’s Platter” was on the menu. YES!

  2. BipolarLawyerCook

    Mrs. G, thank you for this week’s subheader.Jess, why dream small?Professor J, I’ll toast some almonds, too. Ched– I will lay out some sardines.

  3. Melanie

    I was JUST looking at that in the D&D catalog. My husband saw it and asked, “Is that a $300 ham?” and I said, “Yes. Mmmmmmm. Moooooneeey.”

  4. Marci B.

    I learned something today! I have never heard of this before (never mind the fact that I had no idea ham could cost so much), and now, Jamon Serrano is no longer a foreign concept. Thanks!

  5. jess

    i really do love ham. i didn’t mean to sound like i didn’t. i mean, i’ll spend like 9 bucks for a pound of the black forest, right? and i’ll justify it because i’m going to make these yummy grilled ham sandwiches with yummy cheese and crusty bread for my family…and then i get it home…and i turn into the ham hoarder. i don’t want to share it. i hide it under the processed cheese in the meat drawer, because i don’t want anyone to know that THERE IS HAM IN THE HOUSE. and now you know i’m nuts.

  6. BipolarLawyerCook

    Melanie, it would sort of be like eating money. Which could be tasty, too.Marci, I don’t know if you avoid pork altogether, but if not, it’s sort of like prosciutto, except to my mind, better– more buttery, softer, nuttier. Jess– I wouldn’t say that’s nuts at all. I hoard things I want to eat all the time, and the Better Half is none the wiser. Except, um, now he is. (Sorry, hon, I will explain later.) Although, again, maybe I am not the best judge of what’s “Nuts.” : )

  7. Who She She

    I’m there! My husband sometimes says to me, “Don’t eat that. You’ll spoil your dinner.” I say, “I’ve never spoiled a dinner yet.” Oh, men of little faith.


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