Seven things not about me

I’ve been tagged for another meme, the Seven Random Things meme, by Myla. However, I’ve been meme-ing a lot lately, so instead, I am going to post seven random things about the Better Half.

Plays the trumpet. The man is good with his hands and his lips. (I never said this was a family blog!)

Loves Springsteen. Loves. Owns all the albums, can’t understand why the droning monotony of doesn’t capture my imagination. Um, yeah. Just leave my New Kids on the Block and New Edition alone, a’ight?

Loves the Brooks Brothers pajamas my brother gave him one year for Christmas so much that he asked me to “hint” to my brother for a repeat for the next year.

Is a hell of a singer. He knows all the words to Jesus Christ Superstar and lots of other musicals, as does his brother, and his sister, which can make mealtimes . . . interesting. He also knows all the words to just about every Sinatra, Torme, Bennett, and other 40s and 50s standards albums. “Our love is here to stay” is one I particularly like to hear.

Refuses to let me Biore-pore-strip (yes, it’s a verb) his blackhead-infested nose. He claims his brains will leak out. I say he clearly doesn’t have any brains, since he’s still married to crazy me, and that if he really loved me, he’d let me revel in the disgusting yet cool sight of all those blackheads on the underside of a used Biore.

Has never smoked weed, tried ‘shrooms, or consumed any other intoxicant besides alcohol. Never smoked a cigarette, either.

Attracted the attention of a plastic surgeon when he was a teen, in the hospital for something not related to plastic surgery. The surgeon loved his nose, and asked if he could take a cast of it, in order to have it on offer to his patients. So weird, to think that his nose is wandering around New Jersey without him.

I’m also feeling contrary today, so I am not going to tag anyone. Rather, you may steal this post if you wish, and enumerate some of your beloved’s random, sterling, or really weird qualities.


8 thoughts on “Seven things not about me

  1. nyjlm

    woohoo- never thought I’d hear of another who hasn’t smoked weed, or other illicit drugs. I have tried regular tobacco tho.My dh’s music which I can’t stand is the Grateful Dead. And he is sooo desperate for me to like them. Just.No.

  2. Marci B.

    I am so amused – have you ever encountered his nose, and didn’t know it, I wonder? What a crazy factoid! We should have a big “sing-down” of JCS and other musicals. Sounds like fun. 🙂

  3. meridith

    D. also played the trumpet. Aside from being phenomenal at that, she also plays the guitar. Between her mouth and fingers…I can completely relate to what you’re saying.

  4. Melanie

    Holy hell, woman, you cannot tell me that “Thunder Road” does not stir your soul to it’s very core. Have you heard “Thunder Road”?! Go! Go right now to that lovely man with the aquiline nose and tell him, “Baby, play me some Thunder Road.” I’m getting misty just thinking about it.I wish my spouse were into Springsteen. He prefers the droning monotony of Every. Single. Frank. Zappa. Album. Ever. Amen.

  5. Biggie-Z

    Ah! P-Daddy and I revel in Biore-pore-strip-examinations! Because he does it less frequently than I do, his pore strips are SO much more fruitful. We are disgusted and fascinated at the same time. Together. Ain’t love grand?


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