Two reasons I wish I was crafty

This throw was knit, square by square, by my best friend A. and her girlfriend. It’s wool, it’s warm, it’s wonderful. And every time I lie down beneath it, I feel loved.

My grandmother crocheted this throw for me when I graduated from high school. She asked me my favorite colors, and threw it together while I was visiting her for a week.

Not that cooking or writing aren’t accomplishments, but sometimes they feel impermanent, intangible. The food satisfies for a moment, but the hunger returns. The words are said, but can be forgotten in the inrush of other words. But a blanket is warm, and present, and permanent.


7 thoughts on “Two reasons I wish I was crafty

  1. Magpie

    You could learn to knit.Or you could try my newest obsession – finding (or buying) old wool sweaters, felting them in the washing machine, and turning them into things like bags and ipod cases. And if I really get the crazy, I might make a blanket – it would look sort of like that first one you posted.

  2. Who She She

    I love the squares. Beautiful. A friend of mine always gives blankets for gifts (wedding, baby, etc.), and they’re always appreciated. You can never have enough.

  3. Amy Turn Sharp

    I feel the same way and so next week I start my SCHOOL OF SEWING ARTS! My bday present is leanrng to sew. I am so in love with all these crafty blogs and I cannot wait! You should do it! 🙂 Never to late to take up a hobby i say. I also want to learn the guitar next year.

  4. Janet

    I know what you mean…I love when people knit blankets or scarves or hats for me! They keep me warm and always make me think of the person :-)It’s funny…a friend of mine told me today she wasn’t looking forward to Christmas. I asked her why and she replied…it’s going to be a homemade holiday (i.e., she doesn’t have much money to spend on folks, so will be making them things). I told her that’s the best kind of present, in my opinion!

  5. jess

    it’s not that i am not crafty per se…it’s that it’s not much of a priority for me. i’d rather sleep or watch tv or read a good book. or run around after my kids all over town getting them to the four million extra curricular activities.

  6. Sara

    Mmm, cozy. And yes, you can learn.I stopped crocheting after my mother first taught me. I picked it up again after I had my leg off. It was something to do while I sat around waiting to get a new one. Now I can’t stop. :)I am not able to knit, even though my mom tried to teach me that one, too. Two needles is just too hard a setup for me. One hook, though, one hook I can totally manage.There are lots of lovely, lovely yarn stores around New England where you can pick up tips or learn in a class. Here‘s esteemed correspondent Leslee, of Belmont, writing about her recent experiences learning knitting from a coworker, and how this has been helping her with grief over loss of her own mother.Meanwhile, every time you cook for your friends and family, I’m sure they feel your love, too. When you feed someone, you give them life. Yes, it’s a need that constantly comes up for renewal, but still, it’s so much nicer when it’s filled with love as well as more physical fuel.


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