Verb, noun.

Def: 1. V. The art and science of returning visits, links, bookmarks, comments, and blogroll listing while writing and maintaining one’s own blog. Usage: I like internetworking, because I always find someone interesting in other people’s comments. Neg: She’s just internetworking in order to drive traffic to her own site. 2. N. The state of mind required for see v. above. Usage: All the internetworking during NaBloPoMo is mind-blowing, exhausting, and exhilarating.


8 thoughts on “Internetworking

  1. alejna

    Ooof. Tell me about it. This NaBloPoMo business is kicking my butt. It’s wonderful to discover so many great blogs, and all. But damn. Did I have to do it at a time when they are all showing new posts every single day?Internetworking is a fun term. Is it yours? I haven’t met it before. (I’ve seen “notworking,” which amuses me, too.)

  2. vanna

    ooh!! ohh!! or a LOTTERY that decides when your month is, so we all don’t have to read 100 enteries for 30 days, we could spread it out!!man, i’m full of good ideas!

  3. jess

    i’m just going to plagiarize this entire post. word for word, actually. i’ll use it on a day when i have nothing to say. and if you are lucky…i’ll give you all the credit.i jest. i’ve quite enjoyed finding new stuff read and new ways to waste amazing amounts of time and get nothing done at work. for an entire month.

  4. Melanie

    I’m really bad at internetworking. Is it shyness? Is it sloth? Is it too much laundry? I don’t know.Good word, though.


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