It’s a queen sized bed. And yet, somehow, at 4 am, he has the sheets and all the underblankets, and I only have the top blanket that I added to my side of the bed for extra warmth. Do I have to buy king sized bedding? Or will he just steal those, too?


12 thoughts on “Inexplicable

  1. d. chedwick bryant

    we downsized our bed to an old fashioned double and that completely solved the problem. It is much warmer, seriously. I hear that carrot apple juice tastes good. with a slice of ginger root. Haven’t tried it yet.

  2. Sarene

    Just steal them back! :-)My fiance and I have the same problem.By the way, I LOVE the quote under the name of your blog. “Anchorman” is a classic!

  3. poet with a day job

    OMG LOL – he will just steal those too. Me and L managed to spin our comforter 90 degrees the other night, and the whole thing ended up on her, while I shivered me timbers. how?

  4. Sara

    My true love and I have two separate sets of bedding on a king-size bed. It’s the only way we can each be comfortable, have what we like, and not have it stolen.It means that except for the mattress cover, the fitted sheet, and the pillowcases, our bed never gets “made” exactly, but so what? We don’t live in a hotel.

  5. BipolarLawyerCook

    Separate covers? Wow. I had never thought of that. The Better Half was astonished, too. But I am such a laundry phobe– and that would mean more things to wash. Hmm.

  6. Emily

    If he’s anything like me, he’ll not only steal the extra blankets, he’ll kick them off and then complain that he’s cold.

  7. Sara

    My true love is allergic — horribly, asthmatically allergic — to dust mites, so he does a lot of laundry. He has recently hit upon the solution of comforter covers. This reduces the load significantly.I’ll tell you something else the two sets of covers helps with. As I court menopause, I run increasingly hot, even in winter. My true love, a tropical flower, does not. So he can have his goosedown comforters and flannel, and I can have my single, cotton comforter sans flannel, and we can both be comfy. And the cat gets a choice of lounging conditions, something for every mood and whim.


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