Dream a little dream

Look, I don’t know why Barack Obama was manning the phones at one of his organizer centers, or why it was located inside a parking garage, but it sure was nice of him to open the door for me, so I could get my bike into the elevator. This was one of those wordy dreams– everyone I’ve ever known with an unusual (to me) name was in it, smack dab after Obama. Weird.


2 thoughts on “Dream a little dream

  1. Meegan

    I saw Barack, for real, at my dentist’s office. We have the same dentist. And Barack? He has some NICE teeth!Oh, btw, I’m de-lurking to tell you this. And that’s kind of odd. I’m bipolar too. Found you recently through a link on someone else’s blog. Finslippy? LeahPeah? Fussy? Don’t recall. Sorry. But happy to be here!


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