Steal this post, part II

Crap foods– things that resemble real food, but just . . . aren’t . . . quite.

Ramen, water drained, with butter, most of the seasoning packet, fresh lime juice, Sriracha, and dried cilantro.
Spam, cold, fried, in a sandwich, on its own, in scrambled eggs or mac & cheese.
Mac & cheese– Kraft Deluxe.
Velveeta grilled cheese sandwiches.
Pasta with butter, lemon juice, and grated cheese. Who needs vegetables?
The fat from my husband’s steak, chicken piece, pork cutlet, whatever. I am Mrs. Sprat.
Egg McMuffins.
Whopper Junior with Cheese.
Burger King fries, with mayonaise.
Deep fried mozzarella sticks.
Deep fried onion rings.


3 thoughts on “Steal this post, part II

  1. nyjlm

    This list makes me realize that I don’t really seek that kind of food for comfort. I love all the junky stuff from the other list. Maybe I could put Captain Crunch or Cookie Crisp on this list? lol.

  2. Sara

    The new all-natural Doritos and Cheetos are both hilarious and delicious. Then there’s canned soup. I strongly debate the nutritional value of Campbell’s cream of tomato, for example — which is not to say I won’t eat it, with cheddar goldfish, if I’m in the right frame of mind, which is not most of the time but also not never.Mmmm, sodium bombs! Bloat-a-licious!


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