As a gift to my fellow NaBloPoMo-ers, I give you some advance warning that for the next three days, you may steal my posts, parts 1, 2, and 3, and make your own variations thereon, listing your favorites in the following categories:

Part 1: Junk food. Snacks, desserts, etc.
Part 2: Crap food. It’s technically food, but not really.
Part 3: Food you eat when you can’t eat.

I suppose it’s a meme. Hey, did I just invent a meme?


2 thoughts on “Preview

  1. d. chedwick bryant

    I am probably not a NaBloPoMoer but I like making lists.I like two non-food “foods”.red twizzlers and gum. I rarely eat twizzlers though. Just at the movies.crap food –onions are good for you until they become deep fried onion rings, which I adore. When I can’t eat because of a physical ailment (stomach ache) I would not eat. But drink, yes– herb tea ( maybe ginger) I like to snack on olives evenwhen not hungry. I eat more than the recommended amount of pistachios, too.


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