Movin’ right along…

…footloose and fancy free. Isn’t that how the song goes? Well, that’s life, keeping going.

Had another unproductive and frustrating interaction with the crazy boss at work, which made me sad. So then I stayed and dictated a little extra, just because I am a masochist.

I did, however, put this obnoxious lawyer on the spot on the record today. He kept saying I was trying to “confuse” or “intimidate” or “torture” his clients. At one point on the record he objected and started making a speech. I interrupted, cited the appropriate case to shut him up, and then turned to the client and the interpreter. “Ma’am, have I confused you?” “No.” “Have I done anything to intimidate you?” “No.” “Madam interpreter, would you please interpret counsel’s objection on the record?” She does so. “Have I done any of that to you, ma’am?” “No, you’ve been very polite.” “I haven’t tortured you?” “Oh no, I don’t know what he’s talking about.” I then turned to counsel on the record and said “seeing as you’ve never been in one of my examinations before, and have instead assumed that I am some monster out to use brass knuckles and rubber hoses on the other side, I will do you the courtesy of not interpreting your prior objection as a attempt to forestall my line of questioning. However, if you do it again, I will simply deny the claim based on your unfounded and inappropriate comments. Are we clear?” He didn’t say a peep, and then tried to apologize afterward, once his clients were gone. I reminded him that assumptions were dangerous, and walked off. If nothing else, I feel better, and he’s been made an idiot of in front of an interpreter and a reporter with whom he’ll have to do business.

I ate cake for breakfast. And a peanut butter South Beach Bar for lunch. I had a cup of coffee, only one ativan, and lots of water. For supper, I had the last of the GF 1998 Pasta from last week, a glass of merlot, and some water. I’m not going to open another bottle of wine tonight, and I am not going to make a bowl of ramen, which will give me heartburn and wake me up in the middle of the night. I’m closing in on regular calorie consumption again.

The mother called last night– I didn’t take the call. I did call her back tonight on my way home from work. She immediately tried to add more to the argument we’d had Saturday night, and I interrupted her to remind her that she was ignoring the central point I had been trying to make during the “discussion.” “Oh yeah, right, but as I was saying.” She’s completely out of my reach. I’m so sad to realize it whole-heartedly, but resignation is the first step to acceptance, right?

The Better Half is being very patient with the fact that I have the heat turned up to 65F. (I know! Tropical!)


One thought on “Movin’ right along…

  1. Who She She

    After realizing that my mother was never going to get it, I felt like I’ve had to work through the 5 stages of grief. Strange to do when I still see and deal with her on a regular basis. I’m the one doing all of the work, as usual, but this time it’s not to make her see my point of view (what’s that sound? oh yeah, my head hitting the wall… again). It’s to get me to a good place. I’m nearly there. You’ll get there, too.


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