Inevitable crash

Still off my feed from my meds, so I had a tuna sandwich and water yesterday, along with two ativan to stave off the sobbing depression that follows a visit from Mom. Got home, uploaded some Flickr photos, updated the other blog, caught up on some of the NaBloPoMoBloRo, and thought I would go “read” in bed at 7 pm. At 10 pm, the husband got into bed, and I’d not woken up at all until then. Slept through to 6 this morning, now I have a crushing headache and incipient sinusitis. Lovely. I’ll see if I can find some Emergen-C on the way to work.

I forgot. I had two pieces of chocolate and a smallish glass of merlot (just one, yay moderation!) when I got home from work. Plenty o’ calories.


2 thoughts on “Inevitable crash

  1. sognatrice

    I had a tuna sandwich yesterday, but it was the OH who went to bed early (8ish), slept through until this morning (actually overslept for work), and is feeling sinusy.I’m not offering to suck his brains out though. That’s where I draw the line 😉

  2. andrea_frets

    My sinuses have been killing me for the longest time. It’s so annoying and uncomfortable. I hope you feel better without the nose suckage.Yay for chocolate and wine!


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