Boston Organics 10.30.07

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So far, I’m not full of ideas. I washed the baby spinach and made a salad with apples, fried and sliced apple/chicken sausages and a soy/mustard/five spice powder/sesame oil dressing. I don’t really like bean sprouts, but Nigel Slater has some ideas I think I will try. The green beans are going into my “famous” green bean, chicken, tofu and ginger “scramble.” And at some point, I will make braised red cabbage with half of the ENORMOUS head and the bottle of red I opened the other night. No ideas for the plum tomatoes or the squash yet. Maybe a curry? The fruit takes care of itself for breakfast, thankfully.


3 thoughts on “Boston Organics 10.30.07

  1. Anali

    Yum! I have to go food shopping and this disgusting weather is so making me not want to be outside for any longer than possible. I may put most of it off for tomorrow…

  2. Sara

    I would be happy to come over and help you eat anything you have left over. I’m helpful that way. ;)The colors are so lovely, aren’t they? They match the trees outside.

  3. BipolarLawyerCook

    Anali, you’ve got a sunny day today, for sure. All that rain has led to some lovely sun.Sara, it’s true, though I hadn’t noticed– especially the russets and deep reds of the pears and apples, and the cabbage like the mums lining everyone’s front yards right now.


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