Seven random things about me

SheShe tagged me for a meme, for which I thank her greatly. Since my Mom is here until next Monday, I’m feeling a little pulled in multiple directions. Sooo….

1. I don’t have a belly button. I was born with a hole in my abdominal wall, and when I was four, they repaired it through the belly button. So I have a smiley-face of an incision, and a really weird looking knot right above it. I still remember getting the anaesthesia from the mask they used (“Now you get to pretend like you’re Darth Vader, I want you to breathe deep through the mask”) and how badly the bandages itched.

2. My husband and I took a new name when we got married. My parents hyphenated my name when they were divorced, so hyphenating again was unthinkable. My mother in law isn’t wild about her ex-husband’s name. And taking one of my parents’ names and not the other? Nah. So we took the names of all the granparents whose names hadn’t been carried forward, and picked one.

3. Double jointed. And I can touch my toungue to my nose, curl my toungue, and turn it over in my mouth.

4. I am still recovering from my hair and makeup in the late 80s and early 90s. I had permed hair, concert tshirts, tight jeans, champion sweatshirts, the whole deal to go with the perms, the hairspray, and the sparkly taupe or green eye shadow and the frosted mocha lipstick. To this day, I wear stick straight hair with maybe a straightening balm, lip gloss, and sometimes mascara. That’s it. I just wore out my teasing and primping skills, I guess. : )

5. I had the worst IBS in the world until I went on a low carb diet to deal with a diagnosis of Polycystic Ovaries and an 80 lb. weight gain. When I went on the low carb diet, I lost the weight within 6 months, and my IBS went away. The first time I had pasta again– whammo. Turned out it wasn’t IBS… it was gluten intolerance. I still love bread and every once in a while will have regular bread or pasta, but I do know now to stay away.

6. I can’t hold a tune or remember a song lyric to save my life. I also can’t whistle or cartwheel.

7. I own multiple copies of my favorite paperbacks, The Curse of Chalion and The Blue Sword, because I read them so much before I go to bed that the originals are falling apart.

I’m throwing this one open to anyone who wants to try it. Happy NaBloPoMo!


6 thoughts on “Seven random things about me

  1. Magpie

    2. Interesting. I love stories like that. It’s radical and anti-patriarchal.4. Sounds like you were an extra in Flashdance.7. I’ve never heard of either of those books. Would I like them?

  2. Who She She

    I love that you and your husband took names that weren’t being carried forward. I’m with you on #4. It takes me about 3 minutes to get out the door these days, as compared with an hour in high school. And the belly button thing? I guess I have to stop telling my son that everyone has a belly button, and if they don’t, you know they’re an alien.

  3. Angeerah

    Very interesting! For the first day of NaBloPoMo, I obliged and did my own seven facts. 2. Great idea! 3. Me too! As far as touching my nose with my tongue.6. I also can’t whistle and for the longest time I couldn’t snap my fingers. andrea_frets

  4. alejna

    How great about #2. I love hearing about when that happens.I’ve never managed to do a cartwheel, either. (But I do whistle and sing.)

  5. sognatrice

    As you may or may not, I’ve been tagged for this and let people ask me questions. Now I suppose I have to answer them. Anyway, I’ll link to yours when I get mine up–mostly because of the belly button and last name things. Those certainly *are* random, unique things about you :)But let’s not talk about the 80s. Ever. Again.


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