Spam rockets ready on one, two, three…

I CANNOT BELIEVE I got spammed by some mo-blogging service based on the NaBloPoMo blogroll. Grr.

So that’s my post for today. Here is the email, below. To be fair, I haven’t checked out the site, whether or not it’s a valid option, but I am just so mad that someone would shill a product by direct email. I sort of feel like if he wasn’t trying to increase ad traffic that he would have just posted in the forums and left it at that.

Plus? I get SLAUGHTERED on text messages.

Chris Hanaka
to me
show details
6:15 pm (3 hours ago)

Happy Halloween,

I just came across your blog surfing through the NaBloPoMo blogroll, which I’m participating in as well, and would love for you to check out (a free mobile blogging service) to see how Utterz can make the NaBloPoMo challenge all the more easier.

With Utterz you’re able to post directly to your Blogger blog from your cell phone with any combination of voice, video, picture and text instantly from your mobile phone without running any application on your phone or paying a cent! We’ve made mobile blogging insanely easy, impulsive, and seamless.

Hope this facilitates your daily posting for the month of November and if you have any questions please reach out to me at anytime.

Looking forward,

Chris & The Utterz Team

Chris Hanaka
Marketing Programs Manager
[aim] chrishanaka


5 thoughts on “Spam rockets ready on one, two, three…

  1. poet with a day job

    that’s why I keep a secret crap email. companies have NO SHAME. And they should really carry the brunt of shame, if you ask me.

  2. Amy Turn Sharp

    suckyI hate itso muchsomeone keeps calling me on my cell phone forvacation holidays to flaaaridddaaaaboo hissspam is all around usyuckerssorry

  3. maureen j

    lol, not only are you really a bi polar old lady, but you are an ignorant bi polar trial lawyer lady, you don’t know how to send a text message? what century are you living in???this is the worst randomizer stumbledupon blog ever


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