My Dad brought over my new favoritest toy besides the intarwebs, a Panasonic DMZ-TZ3 camera in black (chic!) for my birthday, which is in November. We went for a walk, I took some pictures, including the one of the tree from yesterday, and then Dad came back to the house for supper. Dinner was pantry cooking at its finest– brats & kielbasa (bought on sale and stacked in the freezer for a rainy day), Real Pickles’ sauerkraut from last week’s BO delivery & (Boston Organics) apples, with mustard. Fresh food, 1. Cured foods, 2. (3 if you count the mustard). Plenty-ish for all. Or so I thought.

After seeing my dad to the door and closing the apartment door, I returned to see the Better Half looking very unhappy. I was surprised, since I’d have assumed that he’d have already taken the camera apart, since he’s a gadget freak. But no, clearly, my sense of what his priorities were was way off.

“Your dad ate the last bratwurst. And all the fried almonds.”


4 thoughts on “Priorities

  1. poet with a day job

    that food selection sounds awfully Polish – AND delicious…might your dad be? Maybe German? YUM. My mom makes a killer kapusta.

  2. BipolarLawyerCook

    PWADJ, we’re Irish on my Dad’s side, through and through. My husband’s family is German, Irish, and Italian. But I picked up the cured sausages and sauerkraut habit from living in W. Mass. in a very polish area– just because there was so much _good_ pork product, and nonmushy coleslaw and fresh (fresh!) pierogies. I have always failed in trying kapusta, tho.Magpie, it happens at our house all the time. The Dad looks at something I serve him with a fisheye, because he never cooked it for me growing up, and then promptly wolfs it down with seemingly no attention paid. It’s really amazing to behold.

  3. Fiona aka fotofig

    You should really enjoy your new camera. I have a Nikon D40, but the camera that I use most of the time is my Panasonic DMC-LX2. It’s a fabulous little camera, and I’m still learning all the things it can do.


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