The sound of music

I am tone deaf. Deaf, I tell you. The only singing roles I had in high school drama club were Bonnie in “Anything Goes,” and Eulalie MacKechnie Shin in “The Music Man” which, if you know the musicals, are the tone-deafest singing parts ever, and valued more for their ham value than anything else. I’ve got no recall for song lyrics, unless it’s a Guns N’ Roses or Bon Jovi album from 1988-1996.

The Better Half, however, has a very nice baritone, grew up listening to Sinatra, Bennett, Cole, and all the other 50s band singers. He’s a fan of punk rock, but also ska, cheesey 70s pop, and musicals. So I can expect to be serenaded every day with anything from “Mellow Yellow” to “L-O-V-E.” We therefore enjoyed the “Afternoon Delight” sequence in Anchorman, which we watched for the first time on DVD the other night.

But it doesn’t end there. The Better Half can not only recall the lyrics to every song he’s ever heard, he’s also a witty lyricist. However, I am still trying to get him to record “The Underwear Song” and “The Band-Aid Ditty” for posterity. I’ll keep you posted.


3 thoughts on “The sound of music

  1. Magpie

    “The Underwear Song” and “The Band-Aid Ditty” sound like the beginning of a kids record. Of course, I haven’t heard them yet…


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