Menu planning

A dear friend of mine and ours is getting married Saturday. I’m not in the wedding party, for reasons I could care less about. They are having TONS of people at the wedding on Saturday, and thought a get together in the local VFW hall the night before was a good idea, which I think is too, because who gets to talk at a wedding?

Her ‘rents are picking up some stuff at Costco– deli platters and fruit and cheese trays, mostly. Her Mom is also baking up a storm. The VFW has the bar and drinks. But they have the rehearsal dinner that night, so I volunteered to set up the hall and make some more nibbles. Attendance is about 70. So far, in addition to the stuff the parents are getting, I have the following things on the menu:

Fried almonds
Mixed marinated olives (fresh thyme, lemon juice, hot pepper flakes, olive oil, crushed garlic)
Cranberry-brie dip (Peel brie, stick in a casserole, cover with brown sugar and cranberries, melt in microwave until cranberries pop. This is your new crack.) and water crackers.
Crustless quiche wedges, room temp: caramelized onions & goat cheese, and spinach, cheddar, and red pepper. Crustless because I want to eat them, gluten-free, so I don’t get gas. Very selfish of me.

I’m also thinking of this ricotta dip I saw in a Fine Cooking appetizers section, that has lemon juice, lemon zest, cracked black pepper and mint in it. I think I will sub thyme for mint, since I hate mint and I’m cooking, and drain the ricotta so that it’s thick– and then make roulades with strips of thinly sliced zucchini, and strips of roasted red pepper. Except I’m wondering– maybe chopped capers or black olives with the red pepper, and bits of raw red onion with the zucchini?

Finally, I’m wondering about a white bean or hummus dip with pita chips? Pita chips are easy enough to make from fresh pita, but white bean dip or hummus dip is sooooo much better if made from scratch. Not that I think there will be many vegan folks at the soiree, but I always like to have a vegan option among nibbles.

Too much cheese? Too many creamy things? Any other ideas?


3 thoughts on “Menu planning

  1. e.b.

    Unless the parents are bringing these – the vegetable selection is low – but you can add that to a hummus plate with the pita chips, right?

  2. jenB

    i vote for a bean dip, always popular if people don’t want any of the other stuff. it is easy to make from scratch if you have a food processor or immersion blender. and great idea, bing some carrot and celery sticks, etc.


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