Sunday the 14th in pictures

Early morning CT scan o’the head, with contrast. Mmm. Contrast.

The nurse did a nice job putting in the IV, and then wrapped the heck out of the insertion site.
I liked the pretty blue self adhering wrap!

At 8 in the morning on my way out, there was this random assortment of parked wheelchairs– like the valets had been having races and left them, haphazard.

Conkers! Found on my walk around the Arboretum.

Unseasonable magnolias.

Seasonable sugar maple, and leaf-leavings.

A monarch, eking out the warm weather on dandelions.

She was having a tough time with the pedaling, and kept stopping to turn around and look at her Mom, as if she might tell her she could stop.

A just reward for fresh air. Salami, piave, a sliced pear, and a Smuttynose Pumpkin
with the NYT Sunday Crossword.


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