The changing measure of things

It was a good day today for a variety of reasons:

  1. I made it to my 8 am physical therapy appointment on time.
  2. I got a parking space in the hospital garage!
  3. I finished PT in more than enough time to see my PCP.
  4. My PCP looked great after some well-deserved time off.
  5. My PCP agreed with my concerns about my migraine changes, and agreed with my thoughts about likely causes and possible treatments. She not only agreed about a neuro consult, but was willing to do a “just in case” head CT, too.
  6. When I went out to the desk to schedule the head CT, the receptionist said, “We have weekends. How’s this Sunday at 7:30 am?”
  7. I got a parking space in front of our satellite office where I was working today.
  8. I got a parking space in front of my girlfriend’s office later today, before meeting her for drinks and dinner and outlet shopping.
  9. The hosiery outlet store had my size and colors in control top and reinforced toe. The moons must all be in alignment for me to be able to walk out with six months’ worth of pantyhose.
  10. I didn’t have a headache to speak of all day.

Time was I would’ve been thinking about things like how many people bought me drinks at the bar, and whether I would get the number of the cutie in the corner. Heh. It’s the little things.


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