Two and a half hours

I worked a little yesterday, worked straight through this morning, and took a client to lunch today. I’ve had a migraine flickering at the edges for two days– not pain yesterday, just visual, smell, nausea disturbances. Today at 11 the pain set in, and I took my pills. The pain flickered back out, and I made it through lunch with the client, though I stuck to a salad and nearly gagged at the smell of his clam chowder. After lunch, I bagged on work, and headed home and straight to bed.

Zzzzzz. For two and a half hours. It seems like that’s the magic nap number these days. I had such a nap on Saturday, and another one yesterday after my half-day of work. Funny how that works.


3 thoughts on “Two and a half hours

  1. Marci B.

    Bleh – I had a migraine yesterday. I think it was caused by the coming storm, as well as strange sleep patterns recently. I should’ve gone home early – that would’ve been nice. Hope you are feeling better!

  2. J Morgetron

    My daughter gets migraines. I wouldn’t wish them on anyone. All I can do it leave her alone when she has one. No sound. No light.

  3. BipolarLawyerCook

    I’ve been lucky that mine are only moderate pain, and more dizziness, light, sound, and smell. I can lie down and sleep with the level of pain I have after taking a painkiller, and the rest usually wear off by the time I wake up. I’ve got an appointment with my PCP tomorrow to discuss it further, though.


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