Platelet Impaired

Now you know why my husband calls me “Peach.” All from helping my friend lug boxes during her move.


4 thoughts on “Platelet Impaired

  1. Powerfille (Get it?)

    Wow, you are a peach (as in, what a peach you are for suffering that for a friend!!) Ouch. Looks painful.

  2. Marci B.

    Oh my goodness! I hope those heal up quickly and painlessly. You were so kind to help your friend – at least that lets you feel good on the inside 🙂

  3. sognatrice

    Oh my! I used to be a much worse bruiser than I am now…I have no idea what changed, but I hope I didn’t pass on the peach-ness to you!

  4. BipolarLawyerCook

    I’ve always bruised like this, no matter how much vitamin C or iron or whatever I eat. I’m just glad my bruise cream works so well, even if Magpie makes fun of me for giving it a shout out. : )


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