A perfect Saturday

Wake up at 6:30, refreshed and not groggy from your crazy meds.
Read the interwebs for a few hours, and play with your Google Reader settings.
Work through the backlog of magazines while lying on the couch, under the window, in the sunshine.
Make coffee.
Have your loved one wake up to smell of said coffee, and then volunteer to make you yummy breakfast.
Eat breakfast.
Blog, read, and blog some more.
Take a leisurely AM bath.
Go grocery shopping with your better half, while showing him how to use the auto-deli-order system that makes waiting at the counter a thing of the past.
Let the better half carry the cases of fizzy water up stairs.
Order a sub from the pizza shop around the corner that’s been burned out for 6 + months, and just finished rebuilding.
Leave all your change in the tip jar.
Share a large italian sub, mustard, O & V, tomatoes, pickles, hots, with your loved one.
See a monarch butterfly that’s so gorgeous it doesn’t look real on your way back from picking up the sub.
Take a two hour nap.
Go over chez Momma Better Half, fix her computer, chat, leave.
Go over chez Sister Better Half, feed, brush, and pet her kitties, leave.
Chinese food. Two glasses of surprisingly alchoholic riesling.
Oblige two kitties wanting petting on the way back to the car.
Read in bed until your Better Half pulls the book from your hands and turns off the bedside light.


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