For Anali, who had to work

Last Saturday, Anali and I met to have coffee at The Spotted Apron. Afterward, she had to go to work, instead of enjoying the gorgeous afternoon. So I took some pictures of my walk along Cambridge Street and then up over Beacon Hill to share on my walk back to the farther T station on the line that runs to my house.

Beacon Hill is a pretty tony neighborhood, and there are lots of brownstones with competing windowbox and other decorative displays. It’s also a very doggy neighborhood– not that Boston isn’t a doggy town, but I think Beacon Hill may be the doggiest neighborhood in town.

This fellow was quite insistent, moments after taking this photo, on smelling my shoes thoroughly.

I never would have been able to parallel park this car. But it’s fun to see in a neighborhood otherwise full of Saabs, Volvos, and Land Rovers.

There’s a little flower shop on Cambridge Street, Fresco, that I’d never noticed before, for all that I am frequently over in this part of town. Anali got some great photos of their storefront display, but I couldn’t resist adding my own. I just like the old-fashioned touch of taking the time to do this, and to arrange the different flowers so carefully.


3 thoughts on “For Anali, who had to work

  1. Anali

    Thanks BPLC! What great posts! Such a cute little doggie. And I was surprised to see my arm there! : OIt was a great time. I’m so glad we went! ; )


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