What a rip

The BH and I went in to town last night on the subway, and I followed him on his T pass, since my entire life, your T pass has entitled you to one free guest on Sundays– one of the redeeming things done by the otherwise oft-antisocial MBTA. Turns out that they got rid of this when they finished integrating the new card system and raising the fares. Grr. I actually remember when money was so tight as a kid that my mother planned trips around Sunday free rates, so we’d only have to pay one child rate, and now that the T is 1.25 for busses, and 1.50 for trains, I’m sure it’s even harder. Dan Grabauskas, what were you thinking?


4 thoughts on “What a rip

  1. Powerfille (Get it?)

    Our TTC (Toronto Transit Commission) buses and subways (ie. metros) are $2.75 one way. Not much encouragement to take “the better way.”

  2. Jen M.

    I’m just jealous you have public transportation. Here in the sticks we get to pay through the nose for gas.Found your blog via Magpie Musing – I like your Blog Title.

  3. BipolarLawyerCook

    Powerfille– it’s not much encouragement at all. And around here, the system is so archaic in the layout that I can drive to work in 15 minutes what would take me about an hour if I took the T.Who She She– I remember when bus fare was 50 cents! Jen M., thanks for stopping by, and thanks for commenting!


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