Unkind thoughts

I don’t like being heckled by the homeless– the angry homeless, pissed when I say “sorry, no” after they bark “spare change!” as me. Look, pal, I don’t need you to say please, or ma’am, or to explain why you need it– but at least use a question mark, not an exclamation point. I don’t say any of this out loud, of course. They don’t know that I give money to the shelters (usually Rosie’s Place) and the food bank, that I donate winter clothes to places where I know there are “free shopping” days for the homeless to come in and take away as much as they can carry. So instead, I just bite my toungue, think unkind thoughts, and give money to first person using a question mark.


2 thoughts on “Unkind thoughts

  1. Chris

    Have to watch the homeless people up here…we had a guy attacked and stabbed to death by four of them just because he said no…kind of scary…I try to avoid them if at all possible.

  2. BipolarLawyerCook

    Chris, you’re right, it can be dangerous– but I also have spent time working at legal aid and waiting in the food bank line with my Mom when I was a kid, so I try to make eye contact even if it’s just to say no. It’s scary, I’m so rarely on public transportation, or walking around town (as compared with driving from one courthouse parking garage to another) that I hardly think about the dangers of the ordinary commute.


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