Short(ish) cuts

1. Thank you, well-dressed tourist couple who stepped to the side of the sidewalk to take their pictures and consult their subway maps. Mr. Tourist, I like your chinos. Ms. Tourist, your black dress is chic and those sandals look comfortable but not ugly.

2. Wicked is in town again, and at least some folks haven’t forgotten the art of dressing for the theater. Like when I saw Rent, there were mixed in with the middle-aged and older couples and groups of ladies I traditionally think of as theater-goers, but I was also pleased to see how many parents were taking ‘tween girls, too.

3. The area around Mass General Hospital, particularly lower Cambridge Street, used to be a real dump. The T station and train overpass were falling apart, and the traffic interchange on and off Storrow Drive was a nightmare. It was also a wasteland between Fruit Street and Charles. No longer– they’ve repaved the street, redone the T station, and quite a few business have moved in to the lower stretch of the street, including The Spotted Apron. In general, it’s quite an improvement, but I miss Buzzy’s Roast Beef. Buzzy’s was a scuzzy little roast beef stand with excellent beef, fries, and other bad-for-you food that all the cardiac surgeons would come over to huff down during their breaks. MGH bought the property, and eventually sold it to a developer who gutted the condemned Charles Street Jail, and turned it into a hotel.
Because turning a notorious prison that stands for miscarriages of justice and inhumane treatment of prisoners is a fun theme for a hotel. Better to have torn the thing down or turned it over to the ACLU to run tours, and left my Buzzy’s alone.

4. The bruise on my shin from when I fell on Wednesday is hard, and creaky when you rub it. So disgusting.

5. Seen on a recent walk– two male Rhodesian Ridgebacks, meeting two female Bassett Hounds.


2 thoughts on “Short(ish) cuts

  1. Powerfille (Get it?)

    Too bad about your Buzzy’s! I HATE it when that happens. (My arm still looks like a bad addict’s from a simple blood test a week ago. Talk about disgusting.)

  2. BipolarLawyerCook

    Powerfille, I know what you’re talking about. My poor MIL is in the hospital right now, and she’s just one giant bruise from all the needles. “Forget the vein,” she says, “just drain the goddamned bruise!”


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