Food bloggers unite!

Well, Anali and I met for coffee. So it wasn’t really a rally of food bloggers, or even a very large meeting of Boston-area food bloggers. But what we lacked in quantity, we made up in quality conversation, covering topics from physical therapy, to the intersection of journalism and blogging, to sitemeter (Lisa knows WAY more than I do, but she inspired me to come home and fool around with my stats…), to our mutual love of Volkswagens. Lisa, who writes Anali’s First Amendment (go check it out now! go on! I’ll be here when you get back…) and I have been playing email tag forever (my fault) about getting together for coffee, and she suggested The Spotted Apron, a bakery that’s recently opened on Cambridge Street in Boston, just before the intersection with Charles Street. What a great place, especially in light of the three chain coffee stores nearby– Au Bon Pain, Starbucks, and Finagle A Bagel. Fortunately, this bakery was doing land-office business– there was a constant stream of people coming in and out, and all the different things I tried (there and to go) were well worth the visit. They’ve got pastries and bread, but they also have good looking salads, sandwiches, and panini.

As my digital camera is on the fritz, I bought a disposable one and have to have the photos developed– I hope them come out alright. (I felt so retro, winding the frames forward and everything!) I’ll post a real overview once the photos are developed, but in the meantime, please check Lisa’s site to read about her take on the place. I am sure the people at the bakery were wondering why the heck we were taking so many photos, inside and outside the store. And I’m sure that the fellow behind the counter who boxed up my to-go items was wondering if we were journalists or something, which might explain why I got such a ginormous and carefully arranged bag– I am sure they wondered even more when we both spent more than five minutes outside after leaving, taking pictures of the front door, the store front, the street view, etc. I will post one substantive thing about the place now, along the lines of “you learn something new every day”– they have an open-ish kitchen, and we were both entranced by the sight of one of the bakers scraping the peel from fresh ginger root with a spoon. I’d heard that was the best way to do it, but I was skeptical until today. It looks like it works like a charm– the baker just trimmed off the tough nubbins with her knife. And it’s a good thing it seemed to work so well– she had a ton of ginger to peel!


2 thoughts on “Food bloggers unite!

  1. Anali

    Oh you beat me to the punch! ; ) I didn’t get my pictures and post ready in time and now I’m too sleepy to do it. It will happen tomorrow, which actually is now today! I had a great time finally catching up with you and I’m enjoying those beautiful sunflowers!


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