Old Reliable

Thank goodness for Old Reliables. I am sometimes stuck for ideas– too tired, too busy to take the time to research– on doing/going/eating something/someplace new. A few weeks ago we tried a new-to-us place to take the Momma Better Half out for dinner, and it was fine, but no place I’d run back to. I think the BH and the Momma liked it far better than I, but I was cranky from the week, from driving around the North End looking for parking, etc., etc.

So last night was an Old Reliable, the Brasserie Jo at the Colonnade Hotel. You can always get a reservation, the food is mid-priced, there’s a parking garage at the hotel (even if it’s overpriced) and the food is always very good to excellent, even if it’s standard brasserie fare, no foam or furbelows. We were taking Momma Better Half out again, not just because she’s having surgery next week (it’s also a sure way to make sure she eats, because she forgets at home) and it was just the ticket. The restaurant is big and it can be loud, but they can accomodate big, loud groups — and last night, I needed the stimulation of the bustle and people-watching around us to perk me up enough to be good company. Lately I’ve been feeling so tired and crushed toward the end of the week that I’ve not been good company, and I definitely felt like I wasn’t holding up my end the last time we went out with Momma BH. (I don’t want her to think my lack of conversation is due to lack of interest, or that I am just being a dutiful DIL– I want to see her, enjoy her company very much, but I’m so damned tired.) But the combination of the lively setting and a 500 mL carafe of the house white was what the doctor ordered. She laughed, she talked, she ate most of her entree and all of her dessert, and it made us happy to see her do that.


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