Boston Organics delivery, 9.18.07

My veggie booty this week includes:
2 heads broccoli,
1 head red loose leaf lettuce;
1 tomato;
1 cucumber;
1 butternut squash;
4 yellow onions;
6 yukon gold potatoes;
1 1/2 doz. cremini mushrooms;
1 pound carrots
2 heads garlic; and
2 avocados.

(Sorry, no pictures, my camera’s broken). Thoughts on cooking the booty: the avocados and mushrooms? breakfast (separately, of course). The butternut squash will go with the acorn squash in a curry-red lentil soup (Powerfille, I’ll post the recipe, I promise!!!). Cucumber? Maybe with peanut sauce and teriyaki tofu?. The broccoli? Probably with italian sausage and red pepper flakes, maybe even pasta if I am feeling like giving my gluten-intolerant system a challenge. The lettuce? Meh. Not a fan of lettuce. The tomato will combine with last shipments’ green beans and some canned tuna and hard boiled eggs for a nicoise-ish salad for lunch. The garlic, carrots and onions will have to wait– though if anyone has any new ideas for carrots that don’t involve carrot-ginger soup, carrot muffins, spicy carrot salad, or spicy carrot puree, I’d appreciate it.


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