Bubbalynska has taken to sleeping in one of the chairs on our front porch. She was at it on Saturday, and again on Monday afternoon. I made sure I was very very quiet, so that I didn’t wake her up as I went inside.

Some dolt of a truck driver drove too close to this gigantic Norway Maple on our side of the street that leans out at a 60 degree angle over the street, and scraped off a good two or three feet of the outer bark. The inner bark seems ok, but it’s not the time of year, with frosts coming in a month or so, for a tree to be missing that much protective covering. I wonder if I should call the City to tell them about the tree, but I am afraid that they will just cut it down, instead. Can you put a band-aid on a tree that will help it through the winter?

Our waitress at the Winchester this evening was Slavic and soft-spoken, a deadly combination. The Better Half and I felt like we were 80, since we both kept saying “What?” when she would ask us something.

Three undercover cops were all yakking on the corner as we were walking back home from the Winchester. I don’t care how much gel you put in your hair, how you carve your side burns, or how low you wear your pants. Dude, you still look like a cop. (As if the Ford LTD didn’t give it away, anyway. They ought, at least, to drive old beat up Honda Civics.)

There was a fire at the end of the street last fall, when some electrical connection went wrong in the dentist’s office on the corner. We weren’t too broken up about the loss of the dentist’s office, which looked pretty shady, or the check-cashing place with its usurious service charges, but we both were worried about the family-run greek pizza place with the nicely zesty sauce, and the dad who would always, every single time, look up at the board to see how much to charge us for the same order we got every time– a large sausage, half pepperoni, half mushroom. They’re almost done rebuilding the entire row, though, and while neither of us are pleased about the cell-phone store that’s replacing the dentist, we were overjoyed to walk past recently and see the dad, looking up at the new board in puzzlement, and his son just looking amused. And we both admit that it’s amusing that the check cashing place had a white linoleum $ sign put in the middle of the brown linoleum.


One thought on “Tidbits

  1. BipolarLawyerCook

    Thanks, Maypole. I mostly change it to amuse myself. I don’t know which rollercoaster that is, unfortunately. I had it emailed to me from a friend who has lots of stock photos. I’ll ask her if she has any identifying info and let you know…


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