Desireable side effect?

I’m currently in love with my amped-up dose of Effexor XR, which tempers my down-swings quite nicely in combination with my lamictal. I’m sleeping better, more energetic, more focused, and less cranky. I’m also not hungry at all– something I’m simply not used to. I crave food, mentally, when I am thinking about it, but up through 3:30 today, I subsisted on an avocado and a medium coffee, light cream, 2 splendas. Even at 3:30, I got only halfway through my cup o’ Trader Joe’s miso soup before I got distracted again, and forgot it for another hour. I ate a nectarine and a wedge of Tomme de Savoie, the bestest swiss cheese in all the world, when I got home, just because I thought I should, but now I am full and completely unintersted in thinking about what to make for dinner.

It’s a nice change from my constant emotional hunger, but I like food, I like cooking, and the relish, the savor that appetite brings to it is necessary to my creative process. I am also worried that the dosage might be too high, and may precipitate a manic episode, since I often lack an appetite during acute manic phases. My mood’s good but not great so far, so it remains to be seen if this is an “over the edge” dose. I could stand to lose some weight, though, so as long as I don’t go all road rage, I guess I’ll temporarily welcome the side effect.


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