Weekend update

1. Dorie Greenspan continues to succeed– the chocolate ginger cake/bread I made for my brother’s birthday was an enormous success.

2. My ever-reliable camera, an SD100 Elph bought 5 years or more ago, has given up the ghost– we think the sensor’s on the fritz. But, I was starting to want more than it could do, and it’s only two months until my birthday. Fortunately, my brother in law, the serious photographer in the family, has already suggested a replacement.

3. Finishing up a big brief at work. Not likely to have much to say in the next week that is unrelated to standards of review and standing. Ugh. Standing is NOT a sexy legal issue– nor is federal preemption. Makes my eyes roll back into my head. But, I still think I will wrangle 30 pages out of the issues.


One thought on “Weekend update

  1. Powerfille (Get it?)

    1. Mmm, chocolate ginger. If I was going to do dessert, this is what I would do. (Especially if it was dark cholocate.)2. We just picked up a slim pocket-sized Fuji Finepix F-40 fd. Nothing to write home about. I will still cart around my big clunky but awesome Canon Powershot S1 IS.3. Sounds impressive, if not terribly sexy or exciting for you!


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