Favorite three letter, one syllable words

Tonight’s feature, gentle readers, is a list of three of my favorite words:

1. Bah: “You’re/He’s/She’s/They’re full of hooey.”

2. Meh: I can live without it. Alt: This, I paid an entrance fee for?

3. Feh: Ptooey. Alt: Buzz off, ya bastahds.


5 thoughts on “Favorite three letter, one syllable words

  1. Marci B.

    Well, I have to add “poo” to your list. As in “Oh, poo, we missed the show.” Also, “Oh, dear, I have bird poo on my shirt.” Really, any chance to say “poo,” or its variant, “poop,” in daily conversation is fine by me. It’s very flexible that way 🙂

  2. BipolarLawyerCook

    Magpie– I use them in real life, too. Although I tend not to sprinkle my court language with them. (Although I did get mad one time and call opposing counsel’s retort “hooey.”) For an Irish/Scot/Norwegian, I get a lot of people who wonder where my yiddishisms come from. Marci– “poo” is a good one, too, but not one I have to say I use that much.


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