What to do?

My little brother’s birthday is this weekend, and I’ve no idea what to buy him. He owns every pair of Clarks & Mephistos ever made, has more than enough athletic gear, has all the i-pod and computer gadgetry needed, and owns most of the shirts and sweaters made by Brooks Brothers and Eddie Bauer. I gave him a Tar-jay card last year, since he and his Lovely Girlfriend had just moved back, and I always give him books or music. I am feeling lame about gift cards, even though I know he’ll use an i-tunes certificate.

He has been known to give good random gifts, however– the Better Half and I are the proud recipients of a pith helmet and a soft-plush Mars toy, complete with topographical features.

Any suggestions for good but random gifts that cost less than $100.00? Please e-mail them since I don’t know if he reads the blog or not…



2 thoughts on “What to do?

  1. BipolarLawyerCook

    Thanks. I did find one thing I think he’d like, and I found some other stuff on Etsy. Now fingers crossed that it gets here in time!


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