Random assortment of observations this weekend

1. Farmers not batting an eyelash at WIC checks and EBT (Foodstamps) cards at the Roslindale Farmer’s Market.

2. HP:Order of the Phoenix, the movie? Meh, overall, but with a few good moments. Mostly, the dawning realization that I feel creepy thinking that Daniel Radcliffe is getting cute. Also, the abandonment of any embarrassment at buying my diet coke, milk duds, and sour watermelon candies ahead of time, and smuggling them in my oversized Vera Bradley tote.

3. There are no milk duds in Canada! My friend L. had never heard of them when I offered her some during HP 5. Communists!

4. Those over-under grocery carts that are half the length of the regular ones? I love them. I was in and out of the supermarket yesterday in 15 minutes, and sped through the aisles like a contestant on a game show.


4 thoughts on “Random assortment of observations this weekend

  1. Powerfille (Get it?)

    This made me laugh out loud! And yes, we actually DO have milk duds here in Canada! Indeed, we don’t have even *half* of the good stuff you do, and the milk duds aren’t easily found, but one CAN find them at participating Blockbuster and Walmart stores (gotta love that Walmart)

  2. BipolarLawyerCook

    Magpie– I keep telling my husband that he can’t ride in the bottom part, either.Powerfille– I think she may have lived in a part of Canada where there weren’t any US chain stores.. The horror!E.B.– I only sneak booze in when I didn’t get to pick the movie. : )


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