I needed a laugh

I was talking with one of my clients after a recent deposition, and we were expressing our mutual love for Eric Cartman, America’s Sweetheart. I was expressing my love for his version of “Come Sail Away,” when my client asked me if I had seen his moving rendition of “Heat of the Moment.” I had to admit that I hadn’t, since I’ve neither cable nor the seasons’ DVDs, but fortunately, YouTube supplies all. I love those potty-mouthed, profane, equal-opportunity-offensive kids.


One thought on “I needed a laugh

  1. Marci B.

    Amen, sister! I have always been both a huge Styx fan, and a huge South Park fan. So, imagine my infinite delight when Cartman started singing Come Sail Away! I could hardly breathe. Thanks for sharing the joy!!! I gotta go check out the one you mentioned….


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